Medical Council Act

Amendment 2012



Note: All the wordings in italics relates to the amendments.

22. Registration of General Practitioners

1 A person may be registered as a general practitioner if –

Section 22

•  He is a citizen of the Republic of Mauritius;

(aa) produces a certificate, or a certified copy of a certificate, stating that he has passed at one sitting any 3 subjects at Advanced (‘A') level (or its equivalent), with a minimum of 21 points, based on the following scale (or such equivalent scale as may be approved by the Council on the recommendation of the Ministry responsible for the subject of education) –

A Level Grade

A Level Points













(Commencement January 01, 2013)

(b) holds a diploma in medicine or in the case of a graduate who obtained his diploma after studying in 2 or more medical institutions, where he—

(i) establishes to the satisfaction of the Council that he has obtained the qualification after following the relevant modules for the course during the time laid down by the awarding institution;

(ii) produces to the Council an exemption or equivalence certificate from the awarding institution; and

(iii) produces any other information that may be required by the Council;

(c) establishes to the satisfaction of the Council that he has undergone not less than 18 months practical (including clinical) training in medicine;

( ca) has successfully undergone such examination as the Council thinks fit for the purpose of determining whether he possesses adequate professional medical knowledge;

(d) is of good character and has not been convicted of an offence in any country involving fraud or dishonesty;

(e) has not been disqualified from practice as a general practitioner in any country;

(f) ……

(Commencement January 01, 2013)

2 Subsection 1(aa) shall not apply to a person who has, on the commencement of this section, already enrolled on a course leading to a “diploma in Medicine”.

3 Subsection 1(ca) shall not apply to a person who satisfies such criteria as may be prescribed under section 42 (1)(a).

23. Registration of Specialist

1)  A person shall be entitled to be registered as a specialist if he—

(a) is registered as a general practitioner in Mauritius;

(b) holds a specialist qualification which is recognised by the Council acting after consultation with the Postgraduate Medical Education Board ; and

(c) —

(d) —

(e) has paid such fee as may be prescribed.

(2)   Notwithstanding subsection (1), a registered person who, before 1 July 2000, obtained a postgraduate qualification specified in the Second Schedule, may be registered as a specialist if the Council is satisfied that the person has, since obtaining his qualification, practised as a specialist in the field in which he has specialised.

(Commencement August 01.2013)

23A. Postgraduate Medical Education Board

•  For the purposes of section 23(1)(b), there shall be set up a Postgraduate Medical Education Board.

•  The Minister may. After consultation with the Council, make such regulations as he considers necessary-

•  For the purposes of specifying the objects, functions and composition of the Board;and

•  For any ancillary matter.

( Commencement October 01, 2013)

30 Annual List

30A Continuing Professional Development

•  Not withstanding section 30 but subject to subsection (2), no registered person shall have his name entered on the annual list unless he has followed such continuing professional development courses or training programmes as may be prescribed by the Council.

•  Subsection (1) shall not apply to a registered person who is excused by the Council on such ground as may be prescribed.

( Commencement October 01, 2013)

42 Regulations

(1)  (a)  The Minister may make such regulations as he thinks fit for the purpose of prescribing any matter which is required to be prescribed under section 2, 22 or 23A.