Continuing Professional Development

Continuing professional development (CPD) is a major approach for doctors to maintain competence and enhance their performance. Up to date information and skills are provided to support professional goals and improve knowledge of the latest developments in areas such as clinical research and practice improvement. The Medical Council Act 1999 has been amended to empower the Medical Council to enter the name of a General Practitioner or a Specialist in the Annual List subject to the practitioner having followed such Continuing Professional Development Courses or Training Programmes (CPD) as may be prescribed by the Council". More>>



A. Important information on CPD for all doctors

1. CPD Attendance record sheet (Form to be filled in by all doctors after attending a CPD)
. CPD Regulations 2016

3. CPD Ammended Regulations 2017

4. Letter for accumulated points and renewal for Annual practice Certificate
5. Information on medical practitioner

6. CPD Apps

7. CPD Flow chart for Doctors

8. CPD points accumulated as at 28 November, 2017

B. Important information for CPD providers

1.  Guidelines for CPD Providers.
2.  Application form for CPD Providers
3.  Attendance sheet for CPD ( This is a printable form. Other formats can be used but the minimum information required is as per enclosed)
4.  CPD activity evaluation form.(This is a printable form)
5.  List of CPD Providers.

6. Chart flow for CPD Providers

7. Important communique: CPD Applications system withheld

8. CPD Event form

C. Important information  for speakers

1. Application form for speakers.