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1. Prospective candidates for the Medical Registration Examination are hereby informed that this examination will be held on Wednesday December 15, 2021.


2. No candidate shall be allowed to appear in the examination unless:

He/she possesses a “diploma in Medicine” or equivalent qualification awarded by a recognized medical institution.


He/she has completed to the satisfaction of the Medical Council a period of not less than 18 months of Pre- Registration Training.


3.Application form can be downloaded from Medical Council’s website 


4. Candidates are requested to submit two recent passport size photographs and effect a payment of Rs 13,500 in cash or cheque to the Medical Council of Mauritius as fee for appearing in the Medical Registration Examination.


5. All candidates appearing for the Medical Registration Examination should ensure that they are vaccinated against Covid -19 Virus.  In case a candidate has not been vaccinated with a Covid -19 Vaccine, he/she will have to produce a RT-PCR test result slip certifying a negative result dating back not more than 7 days from the date of the RT-PCR test was undertaken.


6. Admit card issued by the MES will mention the examination centre (Venue) of each candidate.  Admit card will be despatched by the MES by December 08, 2021.


7. Candidate should carefully examine the Admit Card and ensure that all the entries made therein are correct. In case of any discrepancy, same shall immediately be brought to the notice of Mauritius Examination Syndicate.

8. An applicant shall be declared as having passed the examination only if he/she has obtained a minimum of 75 marks out of a total of 150 marks.


9. The Result of the Medical Registration Examination will be published on the website and affixed on the Notice Board of the Medical Council of Mauritius.


10. Last date of receipt of application is Wednesday December 01, 2021.


11. Medical Council of Mauritius reserves the absolute right to withdraw the authorisation given inadvertently to any applicant who is not eligible to appear in the MRE.


12. Further details may be obtained from the office of the Medical Council of Mauritius.


13. This Communiqué is published for general information.




Medical Council of Mauritius


Date of Communiqué: November 23, 2021.

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