Medical Council Act

Examination and Assessment Regulations

Government Notice No. 21 of 2000


Regulations made by the Medical Council under section 42 of the Medical Council Act 1999.


These regulations may be cited as the Medical Council (Examination and Assessment Board) Regulations 2000.


In these regulations -

"Act" means the Medical Council Act 1999;

"Board" means the Board of Examiners and Assessors


For the purposes of section 25 of the Act, there shall be a Board of Examiners and Assessors.



The Council shall appoint a Board consisting of not less than 3 registered medical practitioners of at least 10 years' experience, one of whom shall be designated to act as Chairperson, for the purpose of any examination or assessment required under section 25 of the Act.


At least one of the members of the Board referred to in paragraph (1) shall be from the discipline in which the applicant is to be examined or assessed.


The Registrar shall act as the secretary of the Board.


The Board shall meet –

(a) as and when required;

(b) at such time and place as it deem fit, but not later than 15 days after receipt of the application.


The report of the findings of the Board shall be communicated to the Council within 15 days of the examination or assessment.


The Council shall inform the applicant of the results of any examination or assessment within 3 months of the date of receipt of the application.

Made by the Medical Council on December 22, 1999 and approved by the Minister on 28 January, 2000 .