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Mission Statement

The Medical Council of Mauritius will continually promote and regulate good practice of medicine commensurate with highest international quality and standards, with the objective of safeguarding the interests and expectations of patients, the medical profession and the public at large

Vision Statement

The Medical Council of Mauritius projects that Mauritius shall become a country free from acts of medical negligence and where the nobleness of the medical profession will be exemplary. The Medical Council of Mauritius must be seen as a body which commands trust and respect from members of the public as well as the medical profession, by virtue of allowing fully qualified medical practitioners having the standard medical education and skills to be registered as medical practitioner. The Medical Council of Mauritius should become a reference regulatory authority not only at regional but also at international level.


Re: Illegible prescriptions from doctors

The Pharmaceutical Association of Mauritius has drawn the attention of the Medical Council that certain doctors have the habit of making prescriptions which are illegible.

Pharmacists have difficulties in understanding the drugs that need to be dispensed to patients. Such a situation may result in dispensing the wrong medication with obvious adverse outcomes on the health of patients.

The Medical Council views this matter with concern and concurs with Pharmaceutical Association of Mauritius on this observation.

Council is therefore making a formal appeal to all registered medical practitioners to adopt a legible handwriting while making their prescriptions so that the correct medications are dispensed by pharmacists to their patients.

Medical Council of Mauritius



There are presently a number of Mauritian students enrolled for studies in medicine abroad.  The studies are either at undergraduate level or at postgraduate level. The Medical Council has no information as to whether the medical institutions which have enrolled them for such studies are recognized and listed under the Medical Council Act of Mauritius or not. 

Recognition/Listing of a medical institution is a lengthy process which may take months.  During this time the new medical graduate who has qualified from such an institution has to wait for the recognition/listing procedures.  Council will only then consider the registration of this person to enable him or her to practice medicine in Mauritius.

In order to avoid unnecessary delays in deciding on an application for registration, the Medical Council is inviting the attention of those concerned medical students (or their guardian) to submit the following information to Council, namely;

  • Name of the Medical Student
  • Age
  • Whether enrolled for undergraduate studies or postgraduate studies.
  • Name of the medical institution.
  • Expected date of completion of studies

Upon obtention of the above information, Council will initiate actions with a view to recommend to the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life the recognition/listing of the medical institution in question.  The Medical Council has the intention to establish a “closed list” of medical institutions. Prospective students in medicine will then be invited to enroll themselves only in medical institutions listed in the “closed list”.

Additionally, the Medical Council is inviting all persons willing to enroll themselves for studies in medicine (at undergraduate or at postgraduate level) to contact the Council with a view to obtain all information related to their eventual registration to practice medicine either as a general practitioner or as a specialist.

Medical Council of Mauritius



Medical universities worldwide have an established programme of studies leading to the award of a basic degree in medicine (eg MBBS). Such programmes include, as an integral part, two (2) broad areas of study, namely the teaching of basic medical sciences in the initial years of the course, followed by a compulsory clinical training in a teaching hospital affiliated to the university where the students are registered. The clinical training is always imparted by tutors/professors who are specialists in various fields of medicine, and are assigned the responsibility by the concerned university to coach its students.

The Medical Council of Mauritius has noted recently that certain students opt to undertake either part or the entire of their clinical training in hospitals which are not affiliated to the university where they have undergone their studies in basic medical sciences. In such circumstance, their clinical training is deficient and raises concern about the medical degree awarded by their university.

The Medical Council strongly advises all medical students to comply with the above requirement and to complete their medical courses according to the established programme/syllabus of the university where they have been enrolled.
This should include clinical training in a teaching hospital affiliated to the university.

Any departure from this practice may result into refusal by the Medical Council of Mauritius to grant recognition of their basic medical degree/diploma for the purpose of giving provisional registration as Pre Registration Trainee under the Medical Council Act.

When applying for registration, candidates should produce documentary evidence that they have complied with the above requirements.

Medical Council of Mauritius
Date: 05/04/2016



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