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Pre Registration Trainee


Pre-registration trainees

(1)  The Council may require a person applying for registration as a general practitioner under section 21 to undergo such training as it may determine before registering him.

(2)  The person applying for registration as a general practitioner who is required to undergo the training referred to in subsection (1) shall be registered as a pre-registration trainee.

(3)  Where a person who holds a diploma in medicine is required by the country, or the medical institution where he qualified, to complete a course of training, without which training he would not be eligible for registration as medical practitioner in that country, he may be registered as a pre-registration trainee until he has completed such course of training in an institution approved by the Council.

(4)  Every student in medicine who is undergoing pre-qualification training in Mauritius shall so inform the Council in writing, giving such particulars as the Council may require.


(5)   Entry examinations for pre-registration trainees shall be conducted by an independent body of international repute under the aegis of the Council before such trainees are enlisted by the Ministry.

[Added 18/16 (cio 7/9/16).]

[S. 24 amended by s. 35 of Act 18 of 2016 w.e.f. 7 September 2016.]

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