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Additional Qualification

(1) Section 29 of the Medical Council is reproduced below:
Where after registration, a registered person obtains a qualification from a medical institution, the Council may, on application made to it, add the qualification to the register if the Council is satisfied that the qualification is an appropriate qualification to be included in the register.

(2) Council will base itself on the provisions made in the Medical Council (Additional Qualifications) Regulations 2020 before recognizing a qualification as an additional qualification.

(3) The application to give recognition to additional qualification is studied by a subcommittee of Council. A recommendation is made by the committee which is subsequently discussed and decided by Council at one of its sittings.

(4) The Annual Practicing Certificate of the concerned medical practitioner will mention the additional qualification.

A person requesting for recognition of an additional qualification has to submit a formal application to this effect to the Council.

Please click here to view the Medical Council (Additional Qualifications) Regulations 2020)