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Levy of Fees

Fees payable to the Medical Council

Every medical practitioner who wishes to practice medicine must be registered with the Medical Council upon payment of the prescribed fees.
The registration fee payable to Council is

For Citizens
Rs. 2,500
+ Rs. 300
for a pre-registration trainee + Log Book
Rs. 2,500for a general practitioner
Rs. 5,000for a specialist
For Non Citizens
Rs. 5,000for a general practitioner
Rs. 10,000for a Specialist

The annual practicing fee payable to the Council for general practitioners and specialists who are citizens are Rs 2,500 and Rs 5,000 respectively. The annual practicing fee for general practitioners and specialists who are non citizens are Rs 5, 000 and Rs 10, 000 respectively The names of all those medical practitioners who have paid their annual practicing fee by January 31 of every year are included in the Annual List. This list is published in the Government Gazette by February 15 of every year. In case of late payment, i.e. after the 31 January, a penalty of 50% is applicable.

The Council can issue a certificate of good standing on payment of a fee of Rs 750.
An identification card can be obtained on payment of a fee of Rs 300.

Note :
It is to be noted, however, that the above fees will in a near future be increased to meet the increasing running costs of the Medical Council.
Council fees may also be payable through Standing order.

The original of the bank order should be submitted to the bank and a copy to the Medical Council.
Payments can also be effected through Internet Banking.