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Pre Registration Trainee


(1) A person enrolling himself for a course in medicine has to produce at the time of registration a certificate stating that he has passed at one and the same sitting the HSC/GCE (A level) examination and has scored a minimum of 21 points. In other words, the Council has to ascertain that the concerned person had the necessary basic qualification before he embarked on studies in medicine. This amendment is effective as from January 2013.

(2) All newly qualified medical graduates awarded a basic qualification in medicine by a recognized and listed medical institution under the Medical Council Act is given Provisional Registration as Pre Registration Trainee. This registration authorizes the medical graduate to undertake a duration of 18 months of Pre Registration Training in hospitals in Mauritius. Section 22 (c ) of the Medical Council Act refers.

(3) The Medical Council has established a programme of training, the details of which are elaborated in a “log book” given to each trainee. The graduate is informed about the competence and skills he/she needs to acquire while receiving the training in a particular unit.

The Postings of Pre-Registration Training is as follows:

PostingsDuration of pre-reg training
1. General Medicine12 weeks + 1 week in AIDS Unit
2. General Surgery12 weeks + 2 weeks in Neuro Surgery
3. Obstetrics and Gynaecology12 weeks
4. Paediatrics8 weeks
5. Orthopaedics6 weeks
6. Cardiology4 weeks
7. Community Medicine4 weeks
8. Psychiatry4 weeks
9. ENT2 weeks
10. Ophthalmology2 weeks
11. Anaethesia and ICU4 weeks
12. AED (Accident and Emergency Department and Reanimation)2 weeks
TOTAL75 weeks

(4) Those persons who have undertaken only a period of 12 months of such training abroad, have to undertake another period of 6 months in Mauritius. The postings are determined by the Council.

(5) Applicants are required to submit documentary evidence of the duration of postings undertaken during pre-registration trainings abroad

(6) A newly qualified medical graduate who has obtained his Diploma in Medicine after studying in 2 or more Medical Institutions, has to submit to Council an exemption certificate or an equivalence certificate from the degree awarding institution. A registration is issued only after ensuring that the applicant has followed all modules including clerkship/clinical training during the time laid by the awarding institution.

(7) Section 24 of the Medical Council Act is reproduced below:

  1. Pre-registration trainees
    (1) The Council may require a person applying for registration as a general practitioner under section 21 to undergo such training as it may determine before registering him.
    (2) The person applying for registration as a general practitioner who is required to undergo the training referred to in subsection (1) shall be registered as a pre-registration trainee.
    (3) Where a person who holds a diploma in medicine is required by the country, or the medical institution where he qualified, to complete a course of training, without which training he would not be eligible for registration as medical practitioner in that country, he may be registered as a pre-registration trainee until he has completed such course of training in an institution approved by the Council.
    (4) Every student in medicine who is undergoing pre-qualification training in Mauritius shall so inform the Council in writing, giving such particulars as the Council may require.

Documents needed for application

Documents needed for application
1Birth Certificate
2ID Card
3SC or equivalent
4HSC or equivalent
6Degree/Diploma in Medicine
(To submit official translation of the certificate if same is in a language other than English or French. Same would apply to any other related documents.)
7An exemption or equivalence certificate from the degree awarding University if first part of the degree course in medicine is undertaken in another University.


This is to inform all concerned that a recent amendment made to the Medical Council Act entitles a non-citizen to undertake his/her Pre-Registration Training in Mauritius provided that the said non-citizen has been awarded a Diploma in Medicine (for e.g., MBBS) by a medical institution located in Mauritius.

Click here to view the amendment

Documents listed above may be submitted in photocopies and originals have be produced at the time of application or registration as a pre-registration trainee
Application forms may be downloaded from the website address