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  1. The Post Graduate Medical Education Board is operational from December 2013. The Board comprises of a Chairman, and 5 members and a secretary who is also the Registrar of the Medical Council.
    The board determines the registrability of the General practitioner as specialist and makes or does not make a recommendation to the council.
  2. The Postgraduate Medical Education Board examines all applications for registration as specialists whether same is submitted by citizens or non-citizens. The recommendation of the Postgraduate Medical Education Board is discussed and ratified at a sitting of the Council.
  3. Section 23 has been amended to provide for a Postgraduate Medical Education Board which amongst others hold the following responsibilities: –
    1. assist the Council in the determination of applications for registration as specialist;
    2. assess the knowledge, skills and experience of a general practitioner who applies for registration as a specialist;
    3. make recommendations to the Council by preparing and submitting an assessment report to the Council.
  4. Post Graduate Medical Education Board is defined at Section 23A of the Medical Council Act.

23A. Postgraduate Medical Education Board

  1. For the purposes of section 23(1)(b), there shall be set up a Postgraduate Medical Education Board.
  2. The Minister may, after consultation with the Council, make such regulations as he considers necessary –
    1. for the purposes of specifying the objects, functions and composition of the Board; and
    2. for any ancillary matter.

5. The Postgraduate Medical Education Board meet as and when required.

Click here to view the Medical Council (Postgraduate Medical Education Board) Regulations 2013.