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The “Post Graduate Medical Education Board’’ studies each application for registration as a specialist and make a recommendation to the Council thereof.
(2) Section 23 and Section 23(A) of the Medical Council Act is reproduced below

  1. Registration of specialists
    (1) A person shall be entitled to be registered as a specialist if he—
    (a) is registered as a general practitioner in Mauritius;
    (b) holds a specialist qualification which is recognised by the Council acting after consultation with the Post Graduate Medical Education Board; and
    (c) —
    (d) —
    (e) has paid such fee as may be prescribed.
    (2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), a registered person who, before 1 July 2000, obtained a postgraduate qualification specified in the Second Schedule, may be registered as a specialist if the Council is satisfied that the person has, since obtaining his qualification, practised as a specialist in the field in which he has specialised.

(3) Notwithstanding subsection (1)(a) and section 22, a person who holds a registration as a specialist in France shall be exempted from undergoing the examination referred to in section 22(1)(ca) and shall be eligible for registration as a specialist provided that –
(a) he is successfully assessed by the Post Graduate Medical Education Board; and
(b) the Council agrees with the recommendation of the Post Graduate Medical Education Board in relation to that person.

23A. Postgraduate Medical Education Board
(1) For the purposes of section 23(1)(b), there shall be set up a Postgraduate Medical Education Board.
(2) The Minister may, after consultation with the Council, make such regulations as he considers necessary –
(a) for the purposes of specifying the objects, functions, and composition of the Board; and
(b) for any ancillary matter.

Documents needed while submitting an application for registration as specialist (it is understood that the applicant is already registered as a general practitioner)
The application should include the following documents, namely;
Evidence of specialist qualification
Evidence of training post/clinical practice undertaken for at least 3 years in the concerned speciality.
Registration with the Regulatory Authority as general practitioner and/or as Specialist
Recent “Certificate of Good Standing” from the Medical Regulatory Authority of the Country where the applicant has last practiced medicine

Documents listed above may be submitted in photocopies but originals have be produced at the time of application and/or registration as specialist
Application forms may be downloaded from the website address
Registration as specialist will be considered after a favourable recommendation by the Postgraduate Medical Education Board.

Click here to download application form for registration as a specialist