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Visiting Medical Practitioner

Temporary registration of visiting medical practitioners

(1) A medical practitioner who is— (a) engaged in Mauritius in the implementation of a Government scheme agreed upon by the Government and the World Health Organisation or some other similar international agency; (b) visiting Mauritius and has been invited to offer his services under a scheme approved by the Ministry; or (c) visiting Mauritius for the purpose of teaching, research or study in a medical field under such scheme as may be approved by the Government, shall be entitled to be temporarily registered as a general practitioner.

(2) Any medical practitioner of any visiting force or ship lawfully present in Mauritius shall be exempted from registration for the discharge of his duties.

(3) A medical practitioner registered under subsection (1) shall be exempted from the payment of any fee. [S. 27 amended by s. 14 of Act 28 of 2007 w.e.f. 27 December 2007.]