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Mission Statement

The Medical Council of Mauritius will continually promote and regulate good practice of medicine commensurate with highest international quality and standards, with the objective of safeguarding the interests and expectations of patients, the medical profession and the public at large

Vision Statement

The Medical Council of Mauritius projects that Mauritius shall become a country free from acts of medical negligence and where the nobleness of the medical profession will be exemplary. The Medical Council of Mauritius must be seen as a body which commands trust and respect from members of the public as well as the medical profession, by virtue of allowing fully qualified medical practitioners having the standard medical education and skills to be registered as medical practitioner. The Medical Council of Mauritius should become a reference regulatory authority not only at regional but also at international level.



This is to inform the public in general that section 22 (1)(ca) of the present Medical Council Act provides for an examination prior to registering a person as a General Practitioner in order to determine whether he possesses adequate professional medical knowledge. (Please refer to Medical Council of Mauritius website medicalcouncilmu.org)

Consequently any person possessing a “diploma in medicine” or an equivalent qualification (for e.g. MBBS) and having completed not less than 18 months of Pre Registration training in Mauritius or in a teaching hospital abroad and who wishes to obtain registration as a General Practitioner is informed that he has to appear in a “Medical Registration Examination” which will be conducted by the Medical Council of Mauritius.

The “Medical Registration Examination” will be conducted on March 30, 2014. The time and venue will be communicated to all eligible candidates in due course. There shall be one paper of multiple choice questions. The language of the test shall be in English. The paper will be of 3 hours duration. An applicant shall be declared as having passed the examination only if he has obtained a minimum of 50 % marks.

No candidate shall be allowed to appear in the examination unless:

  1. He is a citizen of Mauritius or he is a non citizen who holds a work permit or is exempted from holding a permit under the non citizens (Employment Restriction) Act or holds an Occupation Permit under section 9A of the Immigration Act.
  2. He possesses a “diploma in Medicine” or equivalent qualification awarded by a recognized medical institution listed in the Medical Council (Medical Institutions) Regulation 2004 as amended (to consult Medical Council of Mauritius website at address: medicalcouncilmu.org)
  3. He has completed to the satisfaction of the Medical Council a period of not less than 18 months of Pre Registration Training.

Note: According to the Medical Council (Exemption from Examination) (Amendment No 2) Regulations 2014 which was published in the Government Gazette of March 11, 2014 (Government Notice No 31 of 2014), a person shall be exempted from undergoing the examination referred to in Section 22 (1) (ca) of the Act where:-

  1. he establishes to the satisfaction of the Council that he is duly registered as a general practitioner with the regulatory body of the country where he was practising medicine immediately before he applies for registration in Mauritius and he has practised as a general practitioner for a minimum period of 3 years in that country; or
  2. the Council is satisfied that, before 31 December 2013, he was registered as a pre-registration trainee by any regulatory body

Last date for Receipt of Application Forms is March 21, 2014

This Press Communiqué is published for general information. Further details may be obtained directly from the office of the Medical Council of Mauritius, Floreal.

Application Form

Information Bulletin

Registrar’s Office
Medical Council of Mauritius
Date: 14/03/2014


Medical Council of Mauritius & Dental Council of Mauritius

Continuing Professional Development

This is to inform the medical profession and the dental profession that the Economic and Financial Measures (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2012 provided for an amendment at section 30 of the Medical Council Act (numbered as section 30A) and section 29 of the Dental Council Act (numbered as section 29A). These amendments stipulated that “no registered person shall have his name entered on the annual list unless he has followed such Continuing Professional Development courses or training programmes as may be prescribed by the Council”. The effective date of implementation of this measure by each Council was October 01, 2013.

The Economic and Financial Measures (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013 amended section 30A of the Medical Council Act and section 29A of the Dental Council Act concerning Continuing Professional Development to make these section of the Acts effective by way of proclamation. Same have not been done yet.

As such, it is presently not a legal requirement for the Medical Council of Mauritius and the Dental Council of Mauritius to require medical practitioners and dental practitioners to “earn” credit points by attending/participating in Continuing Professional Development Courses or Training programmes for the purpose of relicensing to practice medicine or dentistry at the beginning of each year.

Nevertheless, the Medical Council and the Dental Council are advising all medical and dental practitioners to continue being involved in CPD programmes/training courses and this for the end benefit to their patients.


Medical Council of Mauritius

Dental Council of Mauritius

February 21, 2014


To All General Practitioners/ All Specialists

Dear Colleagues,

The Office of the Director of public Prosecution has informed the Medical Council of Mauritius that his office has observed “that medical practitioners make public statement on the diagnosis, medical condition and medical reports of their patients”.

Section 300 of the Criminal code provides for an offence where a medical practitioner reveals information which has come to his/ her knowledge by virtue of his /her profession when the patient gives his/her consent.

Section 300 of the Criminal Code is reproduced below for the information of all registered general practitioners and all registered specialists, namely

Section 300-Disclosing professional secret

“Any physician, surgeon, as well as any pharmacist, midwife, or any other person, who may, in consequence of his or her profession or avocation, become the depository of any secret confided to him or her, and who, except when compelled by law, to become informer, reveals such secret, shall be punished by imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years, and by a fine not exceeding 10 000 rupees.”

You are kindly advised to always ensure compliance with this section of the Criminal Code during your medical practice.

Thanking You.


Medical Council of Mauritius

September 16, 2013


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